6 inexpensive electric cars that you can buy right now

6 inexpensive electric cars that you can buy right now

Buying an electric car sometimes requires patience – Tesla Model 3 pre-orders are carried out for a couple of years ahead, yet regular Tesla Model S is far from being affordable. To make this list, we decided to take into account several criteria that are fundamental to the fight of electric cars for their part of the market and parking places. Obligatory conditions for participation in the list included:

– minimum of 4 seats;

– availability of the car from dealers on the day of order;

– range capacity of at least 150 kilometers on one charge.

So we got six models of leading automakers, buying one of which, you can take along fellow travelers and go on a small trip outside the city and have time to return on one battery charge:

1. BMW i3

The Bavarian hatchback is the most expensive electric car on the list. The materials used in interior finish justifies it, as well as the manufacturer's claimed characteristics. i3 has the most powerful electric motor (125 kW) in its class.

2. Volkswagen e-Golf

The "king" of the hatchbacks has recently updated its electric model and seriously improved its performance. The new e-Golf replaced the battery and extended the driving range up to 300 kilometers. Obviously, other manufacturers of electric cars are in for a severe competition.

3. Hyundai IONIQ

The main competitor of Volkswagen in the Czech market, Hyundai pays particular attention to electromobility: the flagship IONIQ is available in three trim levels, has hybrid versions, and plans to share the electric platform with other models of the brand.

4. Nissan Leaf

Leaf has repeatedly been recognized as the best electric vehicle of the year in the world, and the new generation has every chance of preserving the palm tree. The new Leaf has impressive characteristics (engine: 110 kW, power reserve: 378 km) at a very reasonable price.

5. Kia Soul EV

The Korean SUV looks like an obvious choice for those looking for eco-friendly vehicles with a little extra clearance. 150 millimeters - more than most, but not the limit of dreams. Tesla Model X ground clearance is 171 mm, but the difference in price is enormous.

6. Volkswagen e-Up!

The cheapest and compact member of our list. Less impressive performance indicators e-Up! can compensate by price. If frequent trips outside the city are more likely to be an exception, then it definitely worth thinking about the purchase.

In case you are interested in buying one of these awesome electric vehicles feel free to contact us for further details.